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Learn Klingon Online is a language course available on the KLI's website, accessible only for registered KLI members. The course was created and developed entirely by Robyn Stewart in 2014, who was awarded for her work in 2016 with the "Friend of Maltz"-Certificate.

Level 1 - Beginner

At this time, there is only one level: beginners. It is designed to allow anyone to assimilate the concepts and vocabulary required to achieve level one Klingon language proficiency, as recognized by the KLCP. The suggested learning pace is one new lesson a week, plus daily practice and working at thinking like a Klingon. By the end of the course you will have a vocabulary of five hundred words, be able to read a story in the original Klingon, and be capable of using correct grammar to compose your own sentences that can be understood by Klingon speakers anywhere in the galaxy.


Each course is set up similarly: A drawing at the beginning shows some words with images. Next, grammar, pronunciation and other interesting details are explained. Each unit ends with a small test of five questions. You may only proceed to the next unit when 80% are answered correctly.

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