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Let's Make A Deal

Let's Make A Deal is a US TV show. A preview clip published by CBS announcing the show of Monday, February 4th 2019 showed Mary Chieffo (L'Rell from Star Trek: Discovery) speaking a few lines in Klingon. (1) (2)


Mary Chieffo spoke three lines in Klingon, which were followed by English translations spoken by someone else. (3)

mumISmoHpu'bogh Daq Hujqu' vItu'pu'.
I have come upon a very strange site which has left me perplexed.

pa'HomDaq Dochmey law' tu'lu'.
There are multiple items in the Big Box.

lo'wI' yutmeH nItebHa' QoylaH[taH]ghach HIv.
They work in unison to distract the user by means of their auditory senses.


  • Chieffo slightly flubbed the second last word. It sounds like she was saying the suffix -taH. It's also possible she stumbled on -ghach and said it twice.
  • The translation for the "Big Box" as a pa'Hom small room is pretty well chosen, since it's not a simple box, but a stationary room-sized object on the show.


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