Lieven L. Litaer

Lieven Litaer in 2012

Lieven Litaer in Klingon disguise 2011
Lieven L. Litaer (Klingon name Quvar valer, born 1980) discovered Star Trek in 1991, and became a Klingonist in 1995. He was born in Belgium, but has been living in Germany most of his life. He holds the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert). In 2013, Lieven was responsible for the correction of the awfully translated German Klingon Dictionary. Since he started his YouTube Channel, he is known in the web as the "Klingon Teacher from Germany".

Serving the KLI


From 2009 until now, Lieven has held lectures at several Sci-Fi-Conventions but also at universities and museums, among them: FedCon (2011), Star Trek Vorlesung (2008-2016), Sci-Fi-Days Grünstadt (2012-2014), LuxCon in Luxemburg (2014-2015), Science Fiction Tage in Technik-Museum Speyer (2011-2016).


Klingon language Projects

Appearance on Television

During his mission on teaching the Klingon language, Lieven has appeared in some television shows in Germany:

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