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Original Literature

There have been several Klingonists who have attempted to expand the corpus of Klingon literature to include original writing as well as translations.

The first successful project for writing, publishing, and distributing original Klingon literature was jatmey, an anthology including poems and short stories. The publication ran four volumes before being discontinued in 1999.

Qo'noS QonoS was another platform through which Klingonists could express themselves in Klingon, by way of opinion pieces and short articles. The online newsletter was maintained from 2000 to 2004 and regular contributors included d'Armond Speers, Lawrence Schoen, William Martin, and Alan Anderson.

In 2011, Robyn Stewart began work on the first Klingon-language novel, nuq bop bom, which she distributed through the mailing list as a serial. She finished work on the project in 2012 and contemplated published it in e-book format, before deciding against it. The novel has a word count of about 50,000.

In 2019, Jack Bradley started 'eSrIv, an online publication distributed monthly and meant to serve a creative outlet for the Klingon-speaking community. It regularly presents new poetry and longer form prose, as well as translations. In December of 2019, 'eSrIv found a new, more permanent home on Hol 'ampaS thanks to the work of Chris Lipscombe. Regular contributors include Daniel Dadap, Jack Bradley, Andrew Miller, and Juliana Bukoski.

In December, 2019, Jack Bradley started work on 'uleS QeH, a novel set in a fictional land called we'Da. He started distributing the work as a serial through 'eSrIv in January, 2020.

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