A loanword is a word adopted from one language and incorporated into another language without translation.(1)

Klingon loanwords

There are several English words that we know the Klingon spelling for, without these words being "true" Klingon words. This usually happens with words that we (or Klingons) like to talk about, but there is no Klingon equivalent to it. Basically, these are just transcriptions of English words.

Klingon Translation Source
tarDIghaD tardigrade Kaspersky (2)
wI'qIy Wiki (3)
'e'levan Elephant (4)

Most of the words for Terran food which were published in the TalkNow software are also loanwords. When used, they are combined with an apposition (like naH fruit or 'oQqar root) to clarify the meaning
Klingon Translation
banan naH banana
gharlIq 'oQqar garlic
ghIrep naH grape
menggho' naH mango
meyIS tIr corn (mais)
patat 'oQqar patat
per naHmey peer
pIlam naH plum
pItSa' chab pizza
qe'rot 'oQqar carrot
qo'la' 'awje' cola
raSber naH raspberry
ray' tIr rice
Sutra'ber naH strawberry
Su'ghar qut sugar
tomat naH tomato
'anyan 'oQqar onion
'epIl naH apple


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2 : qep'a' wish list, reprinted in qepHom'a' 2015 booklet, p.14

3 : Message to Lieven on, of 01 Aug 2017

4 : First used in Die Sendung mit der Maus, published at qep'a' 2017

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