Suggestions and Agreements for Localisations

This page summarizes a list of agreements among Klingonists for the localisation of software and webpages. The purpose of this page is to create a common standard and also to avoid multiple repeated discussions on the same topic. Of course there will always be different approaches and opinions, but having a basic agreement is certainly useful for future projects.


Long discussions among the Facebook translation team have led to the agreement, that buttons should be written in clipped Klingon. The user is commanding the computer, and the computer is a thing not capable of language, so is treated like the commands of a dog, which is also in clipped Klingon.

Another reason for this result is to make a difference to the command that a computer might give to the user, as in "click here": naDev yI'uy


Messages from the software towards the user
  • a) address the user as a person ("you")
  • b) talk about the computer in third person ("it")


"Can't find the requested thing."
Doch DapoQbogh SamlaHbe'.

Don't say vISamlaHbe' for "I can't find...", as it would make the computer sound too Human. Don't say Doch'e' poQlu'bogh for "requested thing", as it will make phrases too long.


The following is the list from the Translation group on Facebook, wit some minor additions. Click on a title to sort the table.

English canon Klingon What does it do?
abort, cancel n. -- qIl  
ad n. -- qeS  
album (music) n. -- QoQ vey  
album (photo) n. -- mIllogh tlhoQ  
am/pm n. -- po/pov  
app n. -- jan  
archive n. -- qawHaq  
archive v. -- qawHaqDaq pol  
archived message n. -- qawHaq QIn  
article n. -- De' lut  
back n. -- chegh return to x
block list n. -- botmeH tetlh  
bookmark n. -- SammoHwI'  
bookmark v. -- SammeH per  
browse v. -- laD alternatives okay if not related to button or menu
button n. -- leQ  
cancel, abort v. -- qIl  
contact n. -- rI'meH nuv in your address book, not necessarily a friend
chat v. -- jaw  
chat n. -- jawmeH jan  
go online to chat n. -- jawmeH rar  
checkbox n. -- wIvmeH meyrI'  
check-in (n & v) n. -- Quv choH  
close friends n. -- jupna'  
college/university n. -- DuSaQ'a'  
comment n. -- QInHom  
cookie n. -- chabHom  
copy (add to memory) v. -- woH  
cover photo n. -- mIllogh'a'  
current city n. -- juH veng where your current home is, "lives"
cut n. -- pe'  
dashboard n. -- SeHlaw  
delete n. -- polHa'  
dialog box n. -- SeHlaw  
document n. -- ghItlh  
download n. -- Suq  
email n. -- jabbI'ID  
e-mail address n. -- jabbI'ID Quv  
edit v. -- choH  
export n. -- Qol  
faq n. -- jangwI' (ten character limit forced it
favorite adj. -- qaq  
favorites n. -- qaqwI'mey  
file n. -- De'  
find (in searchfield) v. -- nej don't use Sam, since that implies finding
friend request n. -- jup ruS cherwI' but feel free to use verbs where a noun is not required
folder, directory n. -- mem li. catalog, fits the idea quite well
footer n. -- qam  
get-together n. -- qepHom  
gift card n. -- nob chaw'  
go offline n. -- rarHa'  
go online n. -- rar  
guidelines n. -- chutHom(mey)  
header n. -- nach  
help n. -- QaH  
homepage n. -- juH nav  
hometown n. -- mung veng (where you're "from")  
impressions (advertising term) n. -- cha'pu'ghach  
in a relationship n. -- vay' parmaqqay ghaH  
in a relationship with X n. -- X parmaqqay ghaH  
inbox n. -- pawbogh QInmey  
Insights n. -- poj  
internet n. OK 'Internet  
last (weekday) n. -- nungbogh (weekday)  
like n. -- naD in Facebook only
like n. -- naD in Facebook only
likes n. -- naDmey  
link n. -- rarwI'  
listing n. -- HuqmeH ghu'lIS  
live video n. -- DaH HaSta  
member n. -- jeSwI'  
message n. -- QIn what you send to your friend within Facebook
Messenger n. -- rI'Se' app to send and receive facebook messages without opening FB
mobile phone n. -- QumwI'  
mobile upload n. -- De''e' lI'bogh QumwI'  
movie n. -- HaSta much  
next n. -- Duv while browsing pictures, pages etc.
next (weekday) n. -- (weekday) veb  
note n. -- QIn'a'  
past (event) n. -- ret (wanI')  
paste (from memory) n. -- roQ  
phone n. -- ghogh HablI' in contexts where it could be a landline or a mobile
photo album n. -- mIllogh tlhoQ  
play (video) n. -- (HaSta) cha'  
playlist (music) n. -- QoQ tlhoQ  
please n. -- DaH pretty straightforward
plugin n. -- bobcho'  
pointer n. -- puSwI'  
poke v. -- 'urgh typical facebook action to get attention
pokes n. -- urghwI'pu' i.e. people who have poked you
policy n. -- ngoch  
poll n. -- vuD boSwI'  
post n. -- ghItlhHom  
preview n. -- chovnatlh  
previous n. -- HeD while browsing pictures, pages etc.
print n. -- ghItlh (ll)  
privacy n. -- naw' DIb  
profile n. -- nuv De'  
promote n. -- num  
properties n. -- DI'on this is not the same as "settings"
provide your birthday n. -- qoSlIj yIper  
provider n. -- naw'moHwI'  
quit n. -- bup (ll)  
react n. -- tIq 'ang  
readme n. -- HIlaD  
reaction n. -- tIq vuD  
remove n. -- teq  
restricted (list name) n. -- nuvpu' luvuSlu'bogh or other appropriate use of vuS
review n. -- vuDmey  
save n. -- pol  
save as... n. -- pong 'ej pol  
settings n. -- DuHmey  
share n. -- lab/labqa'  
sign up n. -- muv as in join Facebook or join a group
SMS (n & v) n. -- SMS fully inflected, e.g. qaSMSlaHbe'
spam n. -- ghIlab ghewmey  
status update n. -- Dotlh choH  
subscribe n. -- qIm  
subscriber n. -- qImwI'  
tab n. -- ret'aq  
tag n. -- per  
tag n. -- per  
terms n. -- mab  
template n. -- ghantoH  
terms of service n. -- lo'wI' mab  
text n. -- mu'mey  
text v. -- jabbI'IDHom lab  
text message n. -- jabbI'IDHom  
this (weekday) n. -- Hoghvam (weekday)  
ticker n. -- De' bIQtIq  
timeline n. -- qun tlhegh  
timezone n. -- tlhaq mIch  
tip n. -- qeSHom  
TV show n. -- jIH much  
upcoming (event) n. -- pIq (wanI')  
update (n) or (v) n. -- choH  
URL n. -- rarwI' Quv  
video, video clip n. -- HaSta much  
view as n. -- latlh mInDu'  
world wide web n. OK weQmoQnaQ  
webpage n. -- 'Internet nav  
website n. -- 'Internet Daq  
window n. -- Qorwagh  

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