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A Klingon Map Of London

The map of London
On the 1st of July in 2016 on the webpage of a klingon map of the city of London was published, named A Klingon Map of London (1).

Analysis of the Klingon

Already in the first line of the description, it is clearly visible, how the Klingon terms were made:

You can learn more Klingon phrases using Bing's translator.

For a better understanding what the Bing translator did during the translation of the English terms for the map, here are some negative examples:

Englisch Klingon on the map Backtranslation / Note Better Klingon Backtranslation
church vIpe'qang I am willing to cut chIrgh Temple
big clock tIn tlhaq The clock is big (wrong placement of words tlhaq tIn big clock
tower bridge ghurqu' je meH The bridge (of a ship) has also very risen.(additionaly false grammer) chalqach QI Tower-bridge (above a river)
opera house ghe'naQ tuq (tuq is the house in the sense of a clan.) ghe'naQ qach opera building

When someone enters the English terms into the Bing translator, he comes very quick to the Klingon terms on the map. Here, the same mistake happened on at least two points: on both meH and tuq the translator used the wrong meaning of an English Homonym. meH in Klingon for example means a bridge of a ship, QI the bridge above a river. This is only distinguishable for the translator with context, which he couldn't conclude here.

Klingon Characters

Every location is named with Klingon characters (MOVED TO... pIqaD), which corrolate - with the exception of one mistake - with the latinised text. All Klingon characters are used correctly and don't contain the common mistakes.


It is very likely, that the author wasn't aware of the problems of Bing. This is nonetheless an example of the category "Freeloader", where various portals use Klingon without any consideration of the correctness, just to get attention.

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1 : A Klingon Map Of London, retrieved 24. July 2016


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