A lullaby is a song to lull a child to sleep. The Klingon word for it is najmoHwI', literally "something that causes to dream" (1). There are no canon lullabies, but several Klingonists have created their own songs.

Soft Targ

This is the link for the YouTube video of Lawrence M. Schoen singing "Soft Targy," complete with subtitles in English and Klingon.
tun targhoy Soft targgy.
tuj targhoy Hot targgy.
tugh DuchoprupchoH It will bite you soon.
Quchchu' targhoy Happy targgy.
Doyqu' targhoy Sleepy targgy.
HoH! HoH! HoH! Kill! Kill! Kill!

yIQong SuvwI'Hom

Written by Elizabeth Lawrence, presented at qep'a' cabaret around 2007. There is no video of this.
yIQong SuvwI'Hom Sleep, little warrior.
mabom 'e' yIQoy Listen how we sing.
Dubop may'bom This battle song is about you.
may'bommo' bInoy You are famous because of this battle song.
- -
may'mo' Sub SoHchoH You become a hero because of the battle.
DuSeymoH jagh bey The howl of the enemy excites you.
'IwlIj tujmoH It makes your blood hot.
jaghpu'lI' Dajey You defeat your enemy.
- -
batlh veSlIj Daghob You fight your battle with honor.
Dulegh jagh 'ej vang The enemy sees you and acts
<puj'a'?> Dutlhob He asks: are you weak?
<tlhIngan jIH!> bIjang you answer: I am a Klingon!

According to Alan Anderson the tune for that lullaby goes as follows: (2)
so DO - do re MI - -
mi MI - re mi FA - -
- FA - fa mi RE - -
re RE - do re DO - -

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1 : Klingon For the Galactic Traveler

2 : Message to the mailing list of 15 Jun 2016

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