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Maltz on TKD (left)
Maltz was the sole survivor of the Klingon Bird of Prey that attacked the Enterprise in orbit around the Genesis Planet. He was captured by Admiral Kirk and his officers and brought back to the Federation as a prisoner(1). Since that incident, Maltz has cooperated in aiding the Federation to better understand the Klingons and their language. It is through his efforts that most of our knowledge of the Klingon language is derived(2). When Marc Okrand gives us new information about Klingon, he has gleaned it from conversations with Maltz.

Maltz in Okrand's basement

At the qepHom 2019, Marc Okrand revealed part of how Maltz came to be in his basement. Apparently Maltz remained imprisoned and forgotten on the captured Bird of Prey throughout its refit on Vulcan, its voyage to Earth and the time travel back to the 20th century, where (and when!) he escaped. How Marc became his custodian will have to wait for another story.


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