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Man of Steel

The movie Man of Steel is a movie about "Superman" and premiered in June 2013.

Klingon in the movie?

Some unknown user has entered an information into the IMDb trivia page of the movie with the following un-confirmed information:(1)
Zod's broadcast to Earth is made in the languages of English, Chinese, Portuguese, Esperanto and the "Star Trek" Universe's Klingon.

There is no other evidence for this to be found on the web, but lots of blogs and people keep sharing this (apparently) incorrect information. The scene with General Zod's message to Earth, to be seen on YouTube, contains the phrase "You are not alone" in many languages, more than the five listed above, but none of them is recognizable as Klingon. It is possible that this is an old information and the scene may have been cut from the movie.

The inventor of the Kryptonian language, Christine Schreyer, can not confirm the use of a Klingon word in the scene, at least she did not put it in there. (2)


Many articles and blogs on the web are referring to this single entry in the IMDb.


1 : Man of Steel Trivia on IMDb

2 : Email to Lieven L. Litaer on 18 August 2015

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