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Mandel's letters

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KLI's version of the Mandel-script
The klingon font known as Mandel-script was designed by Geoffrey Mandel in 1980, the author of the book The U.S.S. Enterprise Officer's Manual. This piece of work wasn't seen as canon, but because it was the most complete one of it's time, those letters were the only known klingon alphabet for a long time and is still often used today for decorational purpose. The problem with the font is, first, that it doesn't fit Okrand's spelling (i.e. there is no character for tlh, ch, etc.) and second the letters C and Q are missing.

Lawrence M. Schoen spreaded a computer font with those characters at the beginning of the nineties under the name "Klinzhai", before he created the later designed pIqaD. He added the missing letters in the process. THis font is still available in the TTF-file and takes the non-capitalized characters, while the capitalized ones show the "correct" pIqaD.(1)

In 2005, Mike Neff designed a font, based on the KLI pIqaD and published in 2009, which resembles very much the Mandel-script. Because of this, it is called Klingon pIqaD Mandel.
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1 : message to the mailing list from 18 Jan 1995

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