Mandel Script

Mandel script.jpg
Mandel's Klingon letters
The Mandel script is a set of Klingon characters.

It was included in The U.S.S. Enterprise Officer's Manual by Geoffrey Mandel of 1980. It holds more closely to the D7 battlecruiser hull markings and is also loosely based upon the conceptual art of Matt Jeffries, TOS set designer. Its letters map to various letters and digraphs of English, but the problem with that type was that the letters were not made to fit the Okrandian spelling (i.e. tlh, ch etc.) and it even lacked the English letters C and Q. Just like the KLI's pIqaD, it is probably written in the same direction as English.

Some fans have suggested this alphabet could be used to write Klingonaase in its native form.

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