Mark Shoulson

Mark E. Shoulson (Klingon name: Seqram, born ±1968 (1)) is a highly experienced Klingonist from New Jersey(2), and the second official grammarian of the KLI. He holds the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert).

He is the assistant director of the KLI, former webmaster, grammarian, assistant cook and chief bottle-washer. Also active in other artificial languages, including Lojban, Esperanto, and so forth. Generally a guy with fingers in way too many pies.

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1 : described as age 42 in 2010, If it walks like a Klingon, talks like a Klingon, published 8 Aug 2010

2 : If it walks like a Klingon, talks like a Klingon, published 8 Aug 2010

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