1 morgh = 27 square 'uj



A know unit of weight is cheb. A cheb is defined as "around five pounds". (1) As an additional information, Okrand said that this is 2.25 kg, but that should not be taken too literally, as it was only a conversion of the "around five pounds". As one pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms, 5 pounds is 2.267 kilogram (2) So a cheb is around that number, not exactly.

The larger unit is cheb'a', which constist of 9 cheb. This is based on the Bird Of Prey Poster, on which 8.7 kt equals 375.000 cheb'a'.


The most common unit of length is called 'uj. In KGT, this is described as "about 35 cm", but based on the numbers on the Bird Of Prey Poster, it comes to 34.83 cm.


A morgh is an area of 27 square 'uj. (3) This equals to 3.27 square meter (m²).


The unit of volume is tlho'ren. It is not exactly defined how much one tlho'ren is, but it seems to be in the quart/liter range.(4)



The object of the verb juv measure is a thing being measured, i.e. taken length of:(5)

naQjej vIjuv
I measure the spear.


The object of the verb 'ab is the length, the subject is the thing being measured:

jav 'ujmey 'ab SuvwI'
The warrior has a length of six ujs (about 6'10")

vagh 'ujmey vI'ab
I have a length of five ujs (about 5'8")

wej 'ujmey 'ab 'oy'naQ
Painstiks are a little over one meter long (6)

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