The verb "meet"

There are two verbs to say meet:
  • meet (somebody) or meet (in general) ghom
  • meet for the first time qIH


When the verb ghom is used with no object, it means "meet each other". When an object is taken, then it means "meet somebody". This verb would probably make no sense with the suffix -chuq/-'egh.


  • tachDaq maghom We meet at the bar.
  • qaghom I meet you.


The verb qIH meet for the first time works different. This verb should either have a direct object or the suffix -chuq (1).


  • qaqIHneS I'm honored to meet you.
  • maqIHchuq We meet (each other) for the first time.

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1 : HolQeD 7:4, Dec. 1998, p. 11

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