Tips and tricks to memorizing prefixes

This page contains some tips and tricks, how to memorize the prefixes more easy. The short answer is: there is no real trick, but there are some tips:

1. There are not so many prefixes

Combining the six different cases of persons (I, you, he, etc...) with the same six persons plus the cases, where there is no object, we calculate 6 x 7 = 42 different situations for a prefix. This sounds like a lot, but some repeat:

  • If the object is also the subject (for example, I see myself), there is no prefix, because those sentences are done with the suffix -'egh or have to be described otherwise. This eliminates eight prefixes. These are displayed in the TKD table via a hyphen.
  • In the third person singular (he, she, it) and plural almost never a prefix is used. This case is displayed in the table with a zero. This again eliminates five prefixes.
  • Many prefixes are used multiple times, i.e. for singular and plural. Because of this, four prefixes you have to remember are eliminated.

Through this filtering of the different cases, there remain only 25 of the 42 situations, you really have to remember, plus 3 Imperative prefixes.

2. You don't have to know all prefixes.

Not all syllables are used the same amount of times: i.e. you seldom use "we see you" (plural) or "you see us".

IMPORTANT jI- bI- ma- Su- qa- Da- Du- wI- vI- HI- yI- 11
VERY OFTEN Sa- pe- DI- ju- bo- cho- 6
UNCOMMON tu- mu- lu- nu- tI- che- 6
RARE gho- nI- re- pI- lI- 5

3. Do not only learn the prefixes, memorize sentences.

"Curse with power" - pe'vIl mu'qaDmey tIbach (The Klingon Way)
MOVED TO... remember: Imperative for multiple objects = tI-

Scene from ST6: "They treated us" - nutojbej
MOVED TO... remember: they-us = nu-

4. Construct weird words out of the prefixes:

All prefixes for "no object" are "jibimaschu", so jI-, bI-, ma-, Su-.
(see more on (de))

5. Other tricks:

  • jI- fits to jIH (and is similar to the french "je" = I)
  • ma- fits to maH = "we"
  • bI- is the second person, B is the second letter in the Alphabet.

At the end, the best practice is repeating. If you try regularly to describe situation in Klingon, you will soon memorize the most important prefixes.

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