Michael Kounenos

Michael Kounenos (old photo)
Michael Kounenos (born 27 Dec. 1977) is a Klingonist from Greece. He lives in the city Volos in Greece. His Klingon name is usually qunnoq or qunnoH jan puqloD. He first spelled his proper name as mayql qunenoS, intentionally being aware that this consonant cluster ql does not follow the proper Klingon phonology, but he was soon convinced to adapt to the correct spelling mayqel. In real life, he is an orthopaedic surgeon.

Kounenos is one of the few who learned Klingon in a very short amount of time. Starting in End of 2015 [citation needed], he was able to write lengthy messages around mid 2016, proving that it is possible to learn Klingon in just a few months. He keeps asking interesting questions about the language which pushes even advanced speakers to their limits and creates a lot of traffic on the mailing list.

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