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Mr Klingon

Mr. Klingon is the name of an online translator website named "Universal Translator Assistant Project". It was set up in 2009 and is maintained by Joel Anderson.(1)

The translator

Users are warned to use this app to translate sentences. It only gives out nonsense literal translations and is therefore even worse than the Bing translator.

The author of the page makes very clear that his app is not a real translator. He calls it a "science fair project gone awry". Used as a lookup tool, it lets you layout vocabulary words for an aid in translating a text. As a translator, it demonstrates the weakness of machine translation of natural language texts. (2) The author adds that "it can be a good program, for amusement, or automated word lookup. NOT translations."


As part of the UTA project, Anderson has created a Klingon Language Version (not a translation) of the World English Bible. See Religious Text Translation Project for details.

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