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mu' HaqwI' (word surgeon) is a web based translating service which can not only translate words but also analyze Klingon sentences and cut them into single words (hence the name).


It has a long history and was originally written by Christoph Pfisterer (bIQHurgh) in 1995 (1) as a desktop based MacOS program and later as text only version for DOS, OS/2 and Unix-like systems. There is also a Palm version.

Volker Tanger improved some of the code and finally added the code to make it available as a CGI webserver based software. For a long time it lacked many new Klingon words, but more and more are added. The long term plan is to make use of boQwI's word list, make it also available as a WebApp to be used on smart phones and tablets and offer also other Terran languanges other then English (German, Swedish, Italian).

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1 : - the app's wordlist

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