How do I say: My name is...?

There are different ways to tell your name:

I am x

Many people use a very straightforward and simple construction "I am Jean-Luc", janluq jIH. For the use of prounouns like this, see MOVED TO... to be.

pong as a noun

pong is a really nasty word, especially since most beginners really want to use it! Using pong as a noun, you'd have to use a pronoun to get the "to be" construction:

Quvar 'oH pongwIj'e'
My name is Quvar.

pong as a verb

We don't really know how to handle verbs like pong, since they require two objects. The subject is the one who is naming or calling. One object is the person being named and the other object is the name. The closest I can come to using this verb is something like charghwI' mupong tlhInganpu'. Still, this is awkward and doesn't work very well when you try to introduce a friend. "You can call my friend Holtej." Most people fall back to using the noun form. jupwI' pong 'oH Holtej'e'.(1)

Quvar mupong tlhInganpu'
Klingons call me Quvar.

jIHvaD Quvar ponglu'
I am being called Quvar. (2)

jIHvaD Quvar yIpong
Call me Quvar.

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1 : William Martin, Sun, 14 May 1995

2 : roD 'oHvaD juHqo' ponglu', SkyBox Card #?

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