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NCIS (originally referred to as Navy NCIS) is a television series starting in 2003. During the season 4 episode 6 "Witch hunt" (aired October 31, 2006) there was a person disguised as a klingon who spoke two lines in Klingon. He was also holding a Bat'leth.

Klingon phrases

The Klingon person speaks two standard phrases with an average level of pronunciation. He only has one major slip when he says QIch instead of Quch.

Hab SoSlI' Quch
Your mother has a smooth forehead.

This is a classic insult, actually one of the worst known.

jeghbe' tlhInganpu'
Klingons do not surrender


One of the police officers, Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), translates the Klingon phrases to his boss Special Agent Anthony D. DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly). To the surprised question whether he speaks Klingon, his answer is "Not fluently, but yes."

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