The creation of the word nIyma'

It is a special experience to directly see the birth of a new word. Because of the good relationship to Marc Okrand and his brisk support of qepHom Saarbrücken, we could almost directly influence some creations.

At the seventh qepHom, there was a participant, who didn't attend really. On the first day he was so late, that he was only there for the dinner. He snatched his documents and left again. On the second day, he appeared only in the morning for a short time and returned past midday for the group photo. His name was Nima and the students began to make jokes that this has to be the Klingon word for an invited guest, who doesn't come. The opposite was already known, the unexpected guest is 'elI'jaH, a pun to the biblical prophet Elijah, for whom even today a extra cup is reserved in jewish festivities. When Marc Okrand heard of the pun, he acted on it and mentioned: Maltz is wondering, why the students would know this word nIyma'. But it wouldn't mean guest, but something like apparition. Not like a "ghost" or a spirit, but like something you see, but "isn't really there". He added, that Nima could be proud, that his name sounds like a Klingon word.

In this way, an official Klingon word was created at the Saarbrücken qepHom.

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