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Netflix banner ad

banner ad
Netflix did a banner ad on the german main page of YouTube on every sunday of october in 2017, in which a klingon sentence could be seen. This was written in the new font, which was designed specifically for Star Trek: Discovery.

The animated banner shows a german message first, followed bei a red alert, after that a trefoil appears and the sentence tagha' qImchoHghachmaj qotlhbogh vay''e' wItu'pu' is shown. This is followed by the translation Endlich jemand, der unserer Aufmerksamkeit würdig ist (%en% finally someone worthy of our attention). This is a direct quote of T'kuvma from episode 1x02 "Battle at the binary stars", but he didn't speak it in Klingon there.

The long text at the left side consists only of incoherently chosen characters from the font "klingon pIqad HaSta".
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