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red cover from 2018 printing
Many people keep asking whether there is any chance that Marc Okrand will publish a new version of The Klingon Dictionary listing in one book all canon Klingon words and grammar including all that was revealed in other books, at qep'a'mey, qepHommey and many other occasions.

The short answer to that is: No.

As a longer answer, one needs to know that it's not up to Okrand to decide this. If there were any new book about Klingon published, it would most likely be CBS, Paramount or Pocket Books who call for Okrand to write a new book. Okrand has mentioned that there had been a brief intention from CBS in 2013 to do such a thing, like an "updated Klingon Dictionary", but the idea vanished quite soon again. So there will probably not be any updated version quite soon.

From an unconfirmed source, it was told that Pocket Books are "done with Klingon books", since they already have three and that's enough for them.

Red Edition

In March 2018, Simon & Schuster released a new cover for TKD. This is still the second edition and it still uses the ISBN of the original Klingon Dictionary, it's just an updated cover, but not an updated version. The contents are the same.

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