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Since the release of the books The Klingon Dictionary, The Klingon Way and Klingon For The Galactic Traveler Marc Okrand continously published new words, which where integrated in the internet vocabulary by members of the KLI.

From 1993 to 2005 those words were collected on the website of the KLI. Since 2006 there is an additional list on the homepage of the Saarbrücken qepHom, which contains all new vocabulary since 2005 (1).

In autumn 2015 there was a complete overhaul of the KLI website in which both lists were merged, so in this way there is now one complete list of all words since 1993. It contains references and several sorting functions.


Independent from the named list, the vocabulary of several softwares and websites are also updated regularly: David Yonge-Mallo updates the app boQwI' regularly and the site of the Klingon Assault Group (KAG) is also updated regularly.

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1 : List of new words from 2005 until 2014 on, retrieved 30.12.2015


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