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New words released at qep'a' 23

During qep'a' cha'maH wejDIch happening July 2016, Maltz has released lots of new words. They were distributed to the qep'a' attendees in a booklet, and in order to preserve the look of that book all the pages are posted as images online, on the KLI website. They were grouped in six different topics: body functions, household, science, weather, time, vegetation.

There were also some words revealed for the Friend of Maltz certificate awarded to four people. These are also in this list.

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise.

word type translation topic later additions and clarifications
betgham n. liquid (state of matter) science
bo'voD n. drawer household
cheS n. an animal with long ears, similar to an Earth rabbit (Dr. Okrand noted that what prompted Maltz to come up with this word in this context was not clear) body functions
chum v. be colorful FOM word for Robyn Stewart
Dem v. be transparent, clear, colorless FOM word for Robyn Stewart
DeSwar n. closet, cupboard, cabinet, fixed storage device household Marc confirmed that DeSwar don't have to be fixed. Chris Lipscombe suggested an old school hifi cabinet with wheels and he agreed that was DeSwar. (1)
DIgh v. undertake, deal with time terms
DI'ruj n. reality FOM word for Chris Lipscombe
DI'ruj velqa' n. virtual reality FOM word for Chris Lipscombe
DoQmIv n. sink for cleaning hands, face, food, etc. household
DoQmIv'a' n. bathtub household
ghIm v. exile body functions This is not a new word
ghub n. bud (the flower, fruit, or shoot before it develops) vegetation
HanDI' n. cell science
Har'ey n. rainbow weather
jaj'lo chum n. sunrise, dawn FOM word for Lieven L. Litaer This refer to the sky at sunrise
javtIm n. virus science
jI'ev n. handle, knob, doorknob household
lay n. air (Maltz said that this is some sort of technical term. It would be odd to say lay vItlhuH for "I breath air," but it would be understood.) weather
lep n. solid (state of matter) science
lerup n. bacterium, bacteria science
lI'choD n. plasma (state of matter) science
magh n. Klingon plant that most closely resembles grass vegetation
magh yotlh n. lawn vegetation
neb n. nozzle (like on the end of a hose) body functions
nebDu' n. beaks (anatomy) body functions
nebmey n. nozzles (on rockets, hoses, etc) body functions
nIqHom n. software FOM word for Chris Lipscombe
noq n. nipple body functions
noqDu' n. nipples (anatomy) body functions
noqmey n. nipples (on bottles, etc) body functions
nung v. precede time terms not a new word, see vorgh
ngIng v. have a negative charge (compare Huj charge up e.g. a battery) science
pay'an n. particle science
por n. leaf vegetation Not a new word
pul v. be ground up vegetation This could be used to modify words like por leaf or raS'IS seed
pa'logh n. the past (as a whole) , compare 'op ret "at some point in the past" time terms
qeQ n. fecal matter body functions
qImroq n. general word for season Maltz didn't think there was time to discuss specific seasons on Klingon planets, but he did say that qImroq tuj seemed to be like "summer" on Earth. weather (depends on the continent of course)
qorghwI' n. pacifier (Maltz said this is not a Klingon thing, but he's seen human babies use these) body functions
quSlab n. couch, bench, chair for multiple people household
QaD v. be dried up vegetation Not a new word
Qechjem n. stem, stalk vegetation
Qem v. to holster, sheathe (a weapon, tool) FOM word for Jeremy Cowan
Qenno' n. pulp (of a plant) vegetation
QIq v. to draw (a weapon, tool) FOM word for Jeremy Cowan
raS'IS n. seed vegetation
rewve' n. air (everyday word) weather
rID v. digest (the process that food goes through) body functions
roSghaH n. DNA (Desoxyribonucleic acid) science
ruS v. have a positive charge science
Suntay' n. pollen vegetation
Sut DeSwar n. wardrobe, clothing closet household
taQbang sl. n. urine, fecal matter (slang) body functions
tem n. electron science
tuch n. the future (as a whole); compare 'op pIq "at some point in the future" time terms
turmIq n. urine body functions
tlhay' v. be tame, domesticated FOM word for Lieven L. Litaer
tlhoD v. be somewhat obscured, filtered, smudged, fuzzy weather
tlhom n. sunset FOM word for Lieven L. Litaer This refers to the time of sunset
tlhom chum n. sunset, dusk FOM word for Lieven L. Litaer This refers to the sky at sunset
valtIn n. proton science
vIb v. move through time toward the future; also means "propogate" (not in reference to plants) time terms This can only be used for real time travel with technical means, not just "spending time".
vIbHa' v. move through time toward the past time terms
vorgh v. be previous (opposite of veb be next) time terms
vuj v. expel, eject body functions One can eject things and people, but not "expel s.o. from a room"
vur v. be modern, up-to-date, state-of-the-art time terms
yomIj n. neutron science
yorgh n. shelf, bookshelf, fixed or non-fixed (general term) household
'InSong n. flower (bright part of plant) vegetation
'oynot n. unspecified flesh (of an animal) body functions
'uma' n. petal vegetation
'ut'at n. chest of drawers (whether there are drawers actually in it at the moment or not) household


jIvIbHa'pu' 'ej qeylIS vIqIHpu'. I time-traveled into the past and I met Kahless.
wa'vatlh DIS vIvIb. I time-travel 100 years into the future.
jIvIb. qaSDI' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH Hut, jImev. I time-travel to the 29th century.
jIvIbHa'. wejHu' jImev. I time-travel three days into the past.

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1 : Chris Lipscombe in Facebook group 23 July 2016

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