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Nissan Facebook Comment

Klingon Nissan Message
The car company Nissan has replied to a user's comment on Facebook in Klingon on 14 September 2015.(1) Surprisingly, the Klingon phrase was completely grammatically correct. (2)


After presenting a commercial for their car, a user replied that Klingons are around and have better ships in the orbit.

Nissan: "Bridging spacetime to bring you the galaxy's most stylish midsize sedan."

Chris Seago: "I beg to differ, Nissan. The Klingons are in our galaxy and I like their sedans much better."

Nissan's answer was in Klingon:
tlhInganpu' luquvmoH tlhIngn [sic] Duj pu'jInmey, 'ach tera'ngan "Full Size" puH DujlIj rur toQDuj. vagh raQpo'pu' ngaSlaH Altima 'ej wa'maH cha' raQpo'pu' ngaSlaH toQDuj.

literal translation:
"Klingon drawings bring honor to the Klingons, but the Bird of Prey resembles the “Full Size” Terran land ship. The Altima can contain 5 passengers and the Bird of Prey can contain 12 passengers.”

Klingon Analysis

The message was posted by "Kelly, Nissan Community Manager". The translation was provided by one of the former KCC Chicago alums, but translated by Chris Lipscombe and Jeremy Cowan (3).

The typo in the third word (tlhIngn / tlhIngan) probably happened when Nissan copied the text. The second word has the wrong prefix lu-, which is only used when the subject is plural and the object is singular. Here, both are plural, so the correct prefix is the zero-prefix. It's possible that this wrong prefix made its way there because there were several possible translations provided (4)


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