List of notable Klingonists

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What are notable Klingonists?

This list is intended only to include Klingonists who have achieved a special level of Klingon language skill, or who have contributed in a special way to the Klingon community, such as Beginners' Grammarians, people who translated special works, or have made interesting apps and so on. If you are not sure if a person should be added, then think about whether you can write an article about their efforts.

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Real name Klingon name Achievements
Andeen, Eric pagh BG
Anderson, Alan ghunchu'wI' BG, Star Trek: Discovery
Anderson, Joel jol rojpuqloD, mrklingon  
Barron, David DaraQ Postal Course
Boozer, Steven Voragh  
Braun, Chet QetaH / HetaQ Secret Fighting Arts of The Warrior Race
Brown, Jonathan qe'San TalkNow
Cheesbro, Roger DloraH BG
Cowan, Jeremy janSIy, qamQel KLI, KCC, Duolingo
Donnelly, Terrence ter'eS BG
Dobelbower, Barbara trI'Qal BG
Ekstrom, Sarah   KSRP, Hamlet
Everson, Michael varSan Unicode
Fenwick, Rhona QeS BG
Franklin, Randall yoDtargh BG
Harness, John 'arHa BG
Litaer, Lieven L. Quvar valer BG
Lipscombe, Chris qurgh Klingon Christmas Carol
Longton, William ngenDa' la' Extended Corpus Project
Malmenbeck, Felix loghaD Duolingo, Extended Corpus Project
Martin, William charghwI' BG
Miller, Andrew 'enru' Kaspersky Password Checker
Nicholas, Nick nIchyon Hamlet
Okrand, Marc The Klingon Dictionary
Öqvist, Zrajm maHvatlh Klingonska Akademien
Proechel, Glen pIntIn Interstellar Language School
Roney, Michael jr. naHQun Klingon Kama Sutra, Religious Text Translation Project
Schoen, Lawrence M. 'angghal, vavoy Klingon Language Institute
Shoulson, Mark Seqram
Solska, Agnieszka 'ISqu' Tao Te Ching
Speers, D'Armond Holtej BG
Stauffer, Tad taD BG
Stewart, Robyn Qov BG, Star Trek: Discovery
Strader, Andrew ghuy'Do wa' Hamlet
Trimboli, David SuStel BG
Willis, Scott ngabwI' BG
Yampell, Rich Qanqor, Captain Krankor, HoD Qanqor BG, The Grammarian's Desk
Yonge-Mallo, David De'vID boQwI'

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