Like many other languages, klingon knows numbers going from 0-9, i.e. it uses a decimal system. In older times a ternary system (i.e. base 3) was used, but after prolonged contact with other cultures the more widely used decimal system was adopted(1).

Number Name
0 pagh
1 wa'
2 cha'
3 wej
4 loS
5 vagh
6 jav
7 Soch
8 chorgh
9 Hut

There are special words for powers of ten, which are not used alone, however, but only in combination with other numbers 1-9.

Power word (or rather suffix)
10 -maH
100 -vatlh
1000 -SaD
1000 -SanID
10 000 -netlh
100 000 -bIp
1000 000 -'uy'

For some unknown reason there are two words for 1000, both are used equally(2).


The word vI' (decimal mark) is used when spelling out decimal numbers. In much of the English-speaking world this is written as a period (.) while the rest of the world uses a comma (,). We do not know how this is written in native Klingon script.

There is another word used for seperating coordinates, usually translated as "mark", DoD. It was used in Star Trek 5.
He pagh pagh pagh DoD cha' yInab
Set a course to zero zero zero mark two


Number Translation
10 wa'maH
23 cha'maH wej
100 wa'vatlh
500 401 vaghbIp loSvatlh wa'
3.14159 wej vI' wa' loS wa' vagh Hut

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1 : The Klingon Dictionary 5.2. p. 52

2 : The Klingon Dictionary 5.2. p. 53

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