nuq bop bom

nuq bop bom (literally What is the song about? (1)) is a story written by Robyn Stewart, the longest story ever written entirely in Klingon. The project started in September 2011 and took about a year. During the work of progress, Robyn sent her work to the mailing list in sections, for interested readers and to get feedback. When finishing the story, she intended to publish it at an online e-book store, but she withdrew her project in order to avoid copyright questions regarding the usage of the Klingon language.

Along with other works, the corpus of nuq bop bom was used to calculate the average use of letters to establish a Klingon Scrabble game.


The story has (at least) 12 volumes, divided into a total of over 210 parts of each about 200-300 words.


1 : About this blog, by Robyn Stewart

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