"The Oath"

"The oath" is expression created and used by members of the KLI mostly at meetings like the qep'a' or qepHom: They make an oath to speak only klingon for a certain amount of time - wish can be an entire event - and aren't allowed to use any other language.

Notable situations

It is known, that during their oath, Mark Shoulson and Rich Yampell were in a restaurant and had big problems, because there is no klingon word for sandwich. From the jewish word for a similar meal, the word HIlel was used by Rich Yampell and Mark Shouldson understood what it means. Since this word is not made - nor approved - by Marc Okrand, it is not part of canon.

When Robyn Stewart visited qepHom Saarbrücken in 2015, she only spoke Klingon during the entire event, even to the hotel's personnell. She did so even to absolute beginners until they understood what she wanted, and also spoke to the organizer, Lieven L. Litaer, no other language than Klingon. (1)

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1 : (de) "Andere sammeln Briefmarken, ich lerne eben Klingonisch", Article on bento.de by Maike Hansen, 18 Nov 2015

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