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Omniglot - Klingon phrases is a website created by Simon Ager from Wales (1), which calls itself "the online encyclopedia of writing systems & languages". It is made to learn about languages, to learn alphabets and other writing systems, and to learn phrases in many languages. There is also advice on how to learn languages.(2)


There is one page with 36 phrases in Klingon. There are sound files of the klingon phrases, recorded by Jan Jurčík. The phrases have been corrected by Felix Malmenbeck and David Yonge-Mallo, so can be trusted to be correct and well done.


The translation of the christmas greetings are displayed in pIqaD, but not all browsers display the letters correctly. The transcribed phrase has several mistakes and reads qISmaS DatIvjaj chu jatlh 'IvvaD DatIvjaj instead of the intended QISmaS DatIvjaj 'ej DIS chu' DatIvjaj.


1 : About the author of Omniglot, Retrieved 09 May 2016

2 : About Omniglot, Retrieved 09 May 2016

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