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Just like the Klingon Language Institute, this wiki follows the concept of honor not publishing entire vocabulary lists, for not violating any copyrights and also as a form of respect for the creator of The Klingon Dictionary, Marc Okrand. Nevertheless, there are several online dictionaries available on the web which obviously do not see any copyright violation. So it's either the case that it is not forbidden to copy parts of the dictionary - what contradicts its copyright notice - or the publisher Simon & Schuster does not care about it.

Basic word lists

These online wordlists are usually not controlled by any experienced speaker, nor are they related to Paramount or the KLI.
Name Creator Type Description Website Rating
GerDIC Eisbär Media GmbH Wordlist a german-Klingon Dictionary link
Movies Dictionary Wordlist link
Glosbe Cloud Inside Translator users can enter their own suggestions to translate phrases link
Bing Translator Microsoft Translator See Bing link
Cram users Flashcards several flashcards added by experienced Klingonists link

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