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Today officially known as Apache Open Office is an open source office productivity software suite, initiated in the year 2000.

In about August, 2003, OpenOffice community manager Louis Suarez-Potts suggested exploring localization of Klingon and the two Elvish languages from Lord of the Rings. Christian Einfeldt contacted a few people about Elvish, and found out that it was not as fully developed as Klingon. At the same time, he had become a member of the KLI, with the hope of getting to know them and then interesting them in localizing OpenOffice into Klingon. It turned out that there was not much interest in the project over at the KLI. Some translation of word strings was begun, but it started small and then tapered off to nothing. (1)

Einfeldt was very enthousiastic with this project and thought "that the Klingonists would be excited to be able to have an office suite in Klingon"(2). He felt very disappointed receiving few interest from the group.

The localization project was abandoned in April 2005 due to lack of interest and cooperation of the Klingonist community. (3)

There has been an integration of Klingon into the translation software during 2008, but apparently it was not done or not completed. (4)

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