Organian Peace Treaty

tlhIngan rojmab.png
Screenshot of the Peace Treaty in geoWrite
The Peace Treaty of Organia is a contract between the klingons and the federation, signed on the planet "Organia".(1) The klingon word for it is 'orghen rojmab or 'orgheny' rojmab. The planet Organia is located in the border region of the klingon empire and the federational space.(2)

The peace treaty itself was printed in the book Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual written Franz Joseph Schnaubelt (3).

There are multiple translations of the peace treaty in klingon, for example on the Commodore 64.

Klingon disk of the Commodore 64

On the webpage of is a copy of a disk, containing the peace treaty of Organia in klingon (4), written with geoWrite, a text program for GEOS on the Commodore 64. The Commodore 64 was - especially in the 1980s - a favorit home computer. The disk also contains a picture of a D-7 klingon ship (created by Perry Peterson) and various fonts (file names with the numbers):

Disk content

0    "GEOS Klingon    " 26 2A
17   "Klingon         " USR<   Track/Sector: 1/16
127  "klingon ship    " USR    Track/Sector: 1/0
7    "Klingon12       " USR    Track/Sector: 7/19
17   "Klingon24       " USR    Track/Sector: 8/13
7    "tlhIngan rojmab " USR<   Track/Sector: 9/15
7    "orghenya rojmab " USR<   Track/Sector: 9/16
7    "Federation10    " USR    Track/Sector: 9/17
18   "Federation20    " USR    Track/Sector: 10/17

Self-description of the Disk

Paint Image V1.1
geoPaint    V1.1
Converted MacPaint file of a D-7 Klingon ship by Perry Peterson.

Write Image V2.1
geoWrite    V2.1
Klingon Translation of Organian Peace Treaty-MUST HAVE KLINGON 12 and 24 fonts incl with u/l

Write Image V2.1
geoWrite    V2.1
Klingon translation of Organian Peace Treaty-IN ENGLISH-USE Federation 10 and 20 Font included.

GeoFont      1.4
a 10 point font based on "STAR TREK" movies. All letters have same width.

Font MonsterV1.0
Created by John Tackett
Upper case only, Includes 1-0 , . $ * ! '

Klingon Text

The text is apparently a translation of the version in the book Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual, written by Franz Joseph Schnaubelt. The text is available in german on Memory Alpha(5).

The peace treaty on the disk contains various orthographical mistakes, especially concerning capitalization. This could be excused with the fact, that geoWrite only displays capitalized characters and thus the localisation of mistakes is rather complicated. Also the first three letters of the word tlhIngan klingon are wrogn written and some suffixes are hyphenated. After the correction of orthographical mistakes, the following, reconstructed text emerges:

HovpoH 3199.5

rom wa'
tlhIngan wo' je yuQjIjDIvI' raD quq rojmabvam veS DaH mev Qochbe' qummeyra' je mangghommeyra' qoj Dat loghDaq Qotlh mangghom

rom cha'
tlhIngan wo' je yuQjIjDIvI' veS mev joj mIch cha'SaD loSvatlh loSlogh maH vagh' movDIS retlh veH

rom wej
mIchDaq SuvnIDmoHchugh lo'nuH nuv QaSra' DaHQotlh 'e'nuv QaSra'nuH

rom loS
boq je jup moj tlhIngan wo' je yoQjIjDIvI tay' Qap rojDaqvaD Hoch leSpoH je leSmeH neHmaHDaq

rom vagh
'orghenya'ngan teblaw vuv Hoch ghom 'ej yuQma' nuQnIDQo' Hochghom rojqIb Hachmuv poH pawDI' nuvaD yoj SovmoH 'orghenya

rom jav
neHmaHDaq yuQ Sar SovmaH SIgh majQa' choHlaH tlhIngan wo' je yuQjIjDIvI' rojHach chaw'
'orghenya' 'ej majQa' 'anglaH ghom yoQ tlhab nobchugh maH



Analysis of the klingon

Even after the orthographical correction, the text contains multiple mistakes. Here are the most obvious mistakes:

Wrong Suffixes

In the second line, there is already a suffix wrongly used: 'orghenya'nganmoH can be split in the parts 'orghenya'ngan organians (also a noun) and -moH, a Type 4 Verbsuffix, that only make sense at a verb.

In the word rojDaqvaD, there are two Typ 5 Noun suffixes - this is against the grammatical rule, that only one noun suffix of a type can be attached to a word.


Very noticable is the wrong usage of conjunctions: The description tlhIngan wo' je yuQjIjDIvI' the klingon empire and the federation should be tlhIngan wo' yuQjIjDIvI je, because in klingon the conjunction je and always stands after the nouns in joins.

Grafical Layout

The author has to be given credit for the work he put into the layout - especially concerning the fonts, which are most likely created especially for this text. Also the creation of texts in geoWrite is not very easy: the texts are in general displayed capitalized, also the text is at least two screens wide and the scrolling is much slower and more "laggy" than on computers today.

Date of Origin and Author

There is no clear information about the date of origin or the author: The text must be created between january 1986 (release of GEOS) and the 30th August 2008 (the date of change of the disk image). The author's name was not entered.

In the mailing list, there is a translation of the treaty written by toDbaj from this time, but it is significantly different(6).

See also

The circumstances, leading to this peace treaty, are also displayed in the comic Klingons: Blood will tell.


1 , 2 : 26th episode of the forst season of TOS "Errand of Mercy"

3 : "Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual", Franz Joseph Schnaubelt, 1975, Page 01:62

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