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Known errors in paq'batlh

Just like any canon sources, mistakes, typos and errors cannot be avoided. This is a list of mistakes in paq'batlh.

There are a few places where lower-case "i" was used in Klingon in place of upper-case I, and at least one where lower-case "s" was used instead of S (puj 'usDujlIj)[citation needed]. In the intro, some Klingon words are miscapitalised when they are embedded in English. On p. 145, ghobvam should be ghopvam, and loDnI'wI' vavwI'nI' je should be loDnI'lI' vavwI'lI' je. Somewhere in the text, the word tonSaw' is missing its apostrophe [citation needed].

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