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Paul is the name of a science fiction comedy of 2011 created by and with new Scotty actor Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. On their way to a convention, two sci-fi fans encounter an alien named "Paul" and try to hide him. The Klingon dialogues were translated by Arika Okrent.(1) (2)


Bus scene

During this scene, Nick Frost says something like "drop this guns" subtitled with "Grab his legs", but the Klingon line is not understandable. "drop" could be an attempt to say tlhap take. The alien Paul answers "Was that Klingon?".

fight scene

Nick Frost tells his friend be'vam yIqIp Hit that woman, an order given for a secret attack.

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1 : Arika Okrent is mentioned under "special thanks" in the cast on the IMDb entry

2 : confirmed by Marc Okrand during qepHom Saarbrücken 2017

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