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Peace Pole

phrase on 32” decal
A peace pole is a monument with the phrase "May Peace Prevail on Earth", usually in multiple language. (1)

Klingon translation

In November 2015, Jim Dugan of the "The Peace Pole Project" contacted the KLI asking for a Klingon translation.(2) It was quickly provided by Felix Malmenbeck including the correct use of pIqaD. Klingon is since then in the list of available languages at the project's webshop. (3)

tera'Daq taHjaj roj
"May Peace Prevail on Earth"
literally: "May peace endure on earth"

Bad translation

There have been other attempts to translate that phrase which were less successfull. On a blog named the author explains he picked up the words from an online dictionary, but he didn't pay attention to the grammar. His suggestion jaj roj ché [sic] Dat contains the right words, but follows English word order: "may peace govern everywhere". From Klingon grammar point of view, it dos not mean anything.


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