The term phonestheme (or phonaestheme in British English) describes sounds which appear to be associated with some meaning (owing to being a distinctive part of many words related to that meaning), but not actually part of a true common root. So consider in English, words of related meaning but no common root (to all of them), but similar initial sound: glitter, glimmer, glamour, glaze, glass, glow, gleam, glint, glare, gloss... or the nose-related "sn-" phonaestheme: sneeze, snore, snort, snarl, snicker, sniff, snot, snuff, sniffle, snoot, snoop, sneer, snout...

Klingon examples

Most Klingon verbs of speech start with the letters ja. Klingon developer Marc Okrand has confirmed that this had been chosen intentionally.

jach scream
jang answer, reply
jat tongue / mumble
jatlh speak, talk
jaw chat
ja' say, report, tell

Although not confirmed, it seems possible that word related to breathing or exhausting something, begin with tlhu-:

tlhuD emit
tlhuH breathe
tlhup whisper
tlhutlh drink

This would seem to suggest that tlhuch "exhaust" has to do with intake/outtake, but that's not confirmed.

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