Pickup Lines

In one of his videos, Lawrence M. Schoen presented five pick-up lines in Klingon. These were compiled and presented by members of the tlhIngan-Hol mailing list, klingonists RhonaFenwick and David Trimboli have provided "precision translation assistance". This video was made to support Jay Lake(1), by Lawrence M. Schoen, uploaded 11 Feb 2013.

Klingon Translation Remark
tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'DI' nIV Hoch. net Sov. You know, everything is better in the original Klingon. actually, net Sov means "one knows" or "it is known"
choqellI' pagh QapHa'qa' tuQDoqwIj. Either you're thinking of me, or my mind sifter's acting up again.
bang bom vIlaDlaHtaH 'ej jIjunlaHtaH qaStaHvIS ram Hoch. I can read love poetry and duck, all night long.
DujwIjDaq macheghchugh, HoDHomwIj DaqIHlaH. If we go back to my ship, you can meet my "little captain." chegh meet
bIbelmeH vIlba'. Ridged, for your pleasure.


1 : Klingon Act of Whimsy

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