Pig Latin

Pig Latin is a language game encoding words by moving letters. (1). The Klingon variation of this game is called targh roma' Hol. It was used by David Trimboli in the comments of a Facebook post, while correcting erroneous information about the Klingon language. (2) It was initially referred to as targh HolHey and targh roma' Hol. The term roma' is not canon, but obviously refers to the city of Rome as a reference to Latin.


The language game is played by removing the first letter of a Klingon word and placing it at the end of the word, followed by -ey. The new word then starts with an apostrophe. When the original word begins with an apostrophe, the first letter is not moved, though an -ey is still added to the end of the word.

Xab 'ab-Xey
'ab 'ab-ey

Some examples:

standard pig latin translation
'ab 'abey have a length of
Hol 'olHey language
DaH 'aHDey now
maj 'ajmey good
nItlhwIj 'ItlhwIjney my finger
bIyaj'a'? 'Iyaj'a'bey? Do you understand?
SuDogh 'e' vItIv 'uDoghSey 'e'ey 'ItIvey I enjoy you being silly.
Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam 'eghlu'meHHey 'aQQey 'ajvamjey Today is a good day to die
taH pagh taHbe' 'aHtey 'aghpey 'aHbe'tey To be or not to be from Hamlet
vabDot Sovbe' targhwIj 'abDotvey 'ovbe'Sey 'arghwIjtey Even my targ does not know. secrecy proverb


1 : Pig Latin on Wikipedia, retrieved 14 October 2018

2 : Message on Facebook by David Trimboli

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