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Please Stand By

Please stand by is movie released January 26, 2017, featuring Alice Eve and Dakota Fanning. It's about a Star Trek fan who participates in a Star Trek script writing contest and gets in trouble getting it delivered on time.


The trailer for the movie features some Klingon being spoken by Dakota Fanning (the main actress, "Wendy") and Patton Oswalt.(1) The spoken lines were translated by Chris Lipscombe.(2) A second trailer revealed the entire scene. (3)

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 officer juppu' maH. naDev yIghoS. We are friends. Please come out.
2 Wendy naDevvo' yIghoS. Go away from here.
3 Officer naDevvo' yIghoS. Come out... [sic]
4 Officer juplI' jIH. I'm one of you.
5 Wendy qaHarbe'. I don't believe you.
6 Officer nIteb Qob qaD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'. A warrior does not let a friend face danger alone.
7 Wendy Paramount PicturesDaq vIjaHnIS. I need go to Paramount Pictures.
8 Officer mIyaj. mIyaj, 'a wa'DIch qaDor qaDIS 'e' yIchaw'. I understand. Let me take you someplace safe first.
9 Officer 'eb... 'e' chu'. It's okay.
10 Officer 'e' chu'. maj, bIQaD. It's okay. You're safe.
11 Officer talking English to his partner
12 Officer qaDeS Hol... jatlh qaDeS Hol? (no subtitles)
13 Wendy Yes, I speak English. (no subtitles)


  • Patton Oswald says juppu' incorrectly as jappu'.
  • Line 6 is a quote from The Klingon Way, page 37. What he actually says is more like nItab qob qob 'e' chaw'be' soufflée.
  • Line 8 is completely messed up: He says mIyaj instead of jIyaj, and the following words are also quite scrambled.
  • The planned phrase for line 8 was jIyaj, 'ach wa'DIch vogh QaDDaq qaDor 'e' yIchaw'.
  • line 12 was supposed to ask DIvI' Hol DajatlhlaH'a'? (4)

German dubbing

It is interesting to see that the German dubbed version has corrected the incorrect phrases 6, 8 and 12.

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1 : Trailer published December 04, 2017

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3 : Please Stand By on YouTube, uploaded 24 January 2018 (not listed)

4 : Message from Chris Lipscombe to the mailing list on 25 January 2018

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