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Prey: Book One: Hell's Heart

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Star Trek: Prey is a trilogy of books by John Jackson Miller, published 27 September 2016. Felix Malmenbeck has assisted him in editing the used Klingon words.

Most of this was regular translation and suggested metaphors, but there are a two irregular noun compounds in there. They both refer to unique rituals which are established in this book series, so the author and Felix both felt it was suitable to derive new words for them.

There is also a little segment in one of the books where some Klingons discuss what would be an appropriate name for one of the main factions, which deals in metaphors that have not been established in canon.

In an interview(1), the author mentions that he borrowed a few words from The Klingon Art of War (TKAW) as well, which is a bit worrying seeing as that book uses a whole lot of Bing created Klingon. As it turns out, only one word from TKAW was used in Prey, namely vo'ruv'etlh, and that mostly he used it as a cultural and historical reference. Marc Okrand had said that vo'ruv'etlh could be an archaic word, even if it doesn't make sense in 24th century Klingon. (2)

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