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Klingon Propaganda

Since 2009, a Klingon Propaganda Film appeared on YouTube, imitating the style of asian or soviet propaganda movies. It was made by Bad Monkey Studios.

Linguistic analysis

According to the credits, the translation was done by Skip Dane. The text was spoken by Mark Farinas. Both are not known to the Klingon language community.
Heard words subtitles
tlhIngan wo' ngan maH We are the klingon empire.
wa' wa'maH cha' yugh ma' Hovtay' We consist of several dozen systems
'ej jajvam SIgh jaj mapochlaH and we are spreading our influence every day.
yuQ DaSIq'a'? Could your world be next?
chay' 'a'? Why not?
Ha', HIghoS cha' mu' Come, join the adventure
... tlhIngan yo'... as a klingon tributary world
...wo' chu' ghoS ... you'll enjoy all the empire has to offer.
nIbej tIQ tayqeq... a rich and ancient culture
...'o qang ... competitive sport
'ej mach qa' yisp and a fine cuisine.
tlhIngan maj janisarry? As a klingon janissary
? may'wI'Daq may'wI' joH you'll fight many brave battles,
yuQDajmo' mut liberate cargo from invasive species
'ej maneng ... lo' wo' and recruit more soldiers for the empire.
pe'vIl qo' yuQvam wo' Most important the empire of kling
tlhIng .... will protect your world
... jay'. from the influence and decadence of democracy
nuHHomlIj woH jaj... so lay down your arms
chImHe' poSmoH jaj open your hearts and your minds
je yap je tlhIngan wo' muv SIbI' and join the klingon empire today
Su 'aj 'a' chargh We'll conquer you eventually
ruv boS SIbI' 'a'? Why not reap the benefits now?

Analysis of pIqaD

There are some Klingon letters displayed. Some of them are just decorative symbols with no meanings, but others appear to be correct pIqaD and they make sense.

Index Letters Meaning
0:33 ghatlh most likely intended batlh for "honor"
0:33 Qapla' success
1:16 betleH rach lulbalt "lulbalt" is no word
1:37 Website does not exist anymore

Different versions

The first video had no subtitles, and also no credits. Instead of that, it ended with a link to

The second (identical) video shows subtitles, but instead of the link, it shows credits with names and a copyright notice. The second video has the "Bad Monkeys" logo in the right corner, which the first version did not have.

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