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Property of the Klingon Empire

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Eaglemoss package
The phrase Property of the Klingon Empire appears on a licensed T-shirt available on Amazon (1). It is not known who made the translation. The license note says "TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved."


The T-shirt contains some Klingon words written with the Discovery pIqaD, but their meaning is quite obscure, since not all words have a meaning.

The words surrounding the trefoil say tlhIngan wo' luch which literally means equipment of the Klingon Empire, a good solution for "Property of the Klingon Empire". This phrase also appeared on the packing of an Eaglemoss model ship.

The other words are a bit confusing, as they have no known meaning: On the left and right side, the words say ngISwI' 12. There is no known word ngIS. The line on top says ngItlh 47. This could mean ngutlh 47 as in "number 47" or "letter 47", but its literal meaning does not make sense: "47 are stuck". It is possible that this is the English word "fix", since these letters are typed to get the word ngItlh.

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1 : Star Trek Discovery Klingon Empire Red Logo Premium T-Shirt on, first listed on Amazon: March 7, 2019

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