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PULS 4 (formerly Puls TV) is an austrian private television broadcaster owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE (1)

On 3rd of march they published the anouncement of their Star-Trek-Marathon, during which this text was spoken in klingon.(2)

Where are the trekkies? The big Star Trek special on PULS 4! We spared no efforts - here's the trailer in klingon! Don't forget to turn on audio! Saturday, beginning at 15:55, PULS loS mova' jaj Qapla'!

The following sentences were spoken:
Sentence heard words possible translation (speculation)
1 naDev jagh bovam ghom maH Here we meet the enemy.
2 QI' logh reHlIj wej Trekkie Not yet play Trekkie your space military
3 Hov trek lI' ghInjaj wa'maH vagh vaghmaH vagh Your Star Trek, Saturday 15:55
4 PULS loS mova' jaj Qapla' Puls 4 today day Success


The pronunciation is very precise and almost exemplary, the sentence structure however is unordered and unintelligible. The chosen vocabulary, however, fit the topic at hand.

Bing translator?

  • The usage of old klingon expression mova' in the middle of the sentence would lead to the assumption that it was translated using the Bing-translator.
  • It is know that Bing will not translate the expression "Star Trek" as Hov leng, which would be correct, but always as Hov trek.

Other peculiarities

  • Since the Bing-translator doesn't know the weekdays, it seems likely the translator used other sources as well.
  • In the first sentence the verb-prefix bo- you(pl)-him is used together with the Noun-suffix -vam this. That makes no sense: "this you(pl)-him". A combination like that cannot come from the the Bing-translator, and is another indication for human supervision.
  • The third like features the possessive pronoun -lI', which as suffix for beings capable of language is used because the listeners are assumed to be humans. Actually, it refers to the object being possessed. Maybe the verb lI' send was intended instead.
  • The time has been translated correctly, even though it doesn't work with the Bing-translator.


Altogether, it is apparent that while the translator was no expert, much work was involved in creating the text.

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1 : Puls 4 on Wikipedia

2 : (de) Video on Facebook at 03.03.2017

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