Purpose Clause Nouns (or {-meH}ed nouns)

There are several nouns in Klingon which have an additional clause using the type 9 verb suffix -meH explaining what they are used for. In english, this can be translated using the verb + ing, as in "cutting knife". The literal (awkward) translation would "knife in order to cut".

Clause Noun Translation Source
bachlu'meH chuq effective range SkyBox #14
ghojmeH taj boy's knife KCD
ngongmeH Duj experimental ship SkyBox #33
pe'meH taj cutting knife KGT
pe'meH 'echlet cutting board qepHom Saarbrücken 2015
QongmeH Duj sleeper ship SkyBox #15
vutmeH 'un cooking pot KGT

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Such noun phrases are of course treated as a complete noun and can do the role of the subject or object:
pe'meH pe'meH taj lo'.
In order to cut, he uses a cutting knife.
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