qaDHomcha envelope 2001.jpg
qaDHom cha' envelope, 58 x 90 mm

qaDHomcha card 2001.jpg
qaDHom cha' card
The qaDHom (lit. little challenge) is a regular activity at qep'a', played at least since 2001.


Each participant receives a sealed envelope containing a Klingon word or phrase. The challenge is to present a brief speech using that word as a prompt. Some people open the envelope soon after obtaining it and spend time composing a speech and writing it down. Others prefer to wait until they are actually standing in front of the group before looking at the prompt, and give an impromptu speech.

Though the "rules" of the challenge do not require it, it has become customary to tell a story, leading up to the given phrase as the denouement.

qaDHom wa'

Literally "Minor challenge #1". The given word is usually an easy one or a very short phrase, made for beginners.

qaDHom cha'

Literally "Minor challenge #2". Here, the given phrase is usually a bit longer, and may often be a decidedly odd one.
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