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The word Qabel is the name of a software.(1) Media claims, the name was "derved from the Star-Trek-language Klingon and means something like 'hard to eavesdrop'" (2). This is not quite correct, but is explained in the press portfolio and at the homepage of the software developer: (3)
  • Als Analogie: Das System macht wenig anderes als ein gutes Kabel - es leitet Ihre Daten genau dahin, wo sie hingehören. Nicht mehr aber eben auch nicht weniger.
  • "Qabel" ist zudem das maltesische Wort für "vor", "bevor" und weist zum anderen darauf hin, wann die Verschlüsselung der Daten stattfindet — nämlich vor dem Hochladen.
  • Und in Wahrheit kommt es von qab 'Ij, Klingonisch für "schlecht abzuhören".
  • As analogy: the system doesn't do much different than a good cable - it sends your data to the location, where they belong. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • "Qabel" is also the maltesian word for "before" and points to the time, when the data is encrypted - before the upload.
  • And in truth, it comes from the Klingon word qab 'Ij, which means "hard to eavesdrop"-

Because Klingon is named the last, it is highly unlikely that it is meant seriously. Lexically it is correct, but grammatically it is completly wrong: qab and 'Ij are verbs, and thus it reads more like "he is evil, he listens".


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