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Qapla! - The Klingons

Album cover
Qapla - The Klingons is a music album categorized as "dance/electro" (although it's actually more like chillout trance / minimal techno), published in July 2012 in Montreal, Canada. It is available for download on Google (1), Amazon and iTunes(2). "The Klingons" is labeled as the interpret, while "Qapla" (with the missing apostrophe) is the name of the album. The album contains 9 tracks and has a total length of 36 min and 36 sec. The creator is names as "BrunetBommert", the label is "L-ELECTRO". In the YouTube video, the name Christian Brunet-Levitan is given as the creator.(3)

The album has absolutely no connection to Klingons or the Klingon language, except for the names of the titles.

Track list

Most of the tracks have Klingon words in their titles, but they are all written incorrectly:

No Title Corrected spelling Literal translation
1 Lolchu'tah logh lolchu'taH logh space is holding a stable attitude
2 Sta' R' tover Startover -
3 Ngugh' Nitebha ngugh nItebHa' then alone
4 Gosraj' Bativjaj qoSraj botIvjaj May you all enjoy your birthdays
5 Qi' Tu' Najr ! QI'tu' naj dream of paradise
6 Heghba ! Heghba' Klingon death ritual
7 Qaw' V' Ri ! Qaw' vIrI' I call destroy
8 War' Ri' Or Warrior -
9 Qapla ! Qapla' success

Album cover

The center of the album cover shows has a large red trefoil on a white background. The letters in the bottom row are difficult to read upper case latin letters with the words QAPLA on the left and THE KLINGONS in the bottom row. The right and top row use the Mandel script (see fonts) showing the word KLINGON.

Freeloader warning

This is a very good example for so called freeloaders who profit from the popularity of the Klingons and the Klingon language. The album is not related to Klingon at all: there is not a single Klingon word spoken, nor does the music somehow sound Klingon-alike. The titles use Klingon, but are all spelled incorrectly. If not using the word "Klingon", this album would have remained unnoticed.

See also

  • Jeremiah, one other Klingon entitled track that has no relation to Klingon.
  • music, listing real songs in Klingon


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